Garden Valley Ranch

Specialized selection of Bare Root Roses & Fresh Cut Roses

Care and Handling

Garden Roses have thick pity stems compared to the fragile ones of greenhouse roses.  Cutting the stems under water give garden roses the boost they need to fully mature.

We recommend the following method:

Set up your buckets or containers first with tepid water and floral preservative.  We have also found one or two drops of bleach help extend vase life and keep bacteria levels down.  Strip off the bottom half of the rose foliage.  Submerge the tip of the rose, stem side down, in a large container or sink filed with lukewarm water.  Using a good pair of garden shears (not scissors) cut off one quarter to one half inch of the stem at a slight angle.  Immediately transfer the cut rose to the waiting bucket or container.  As soon as your container is full of processed roses, transfer them to the cooler.  Chill down for at least 4 hours or overnight if possible.

If you prefer to use your roses fully open, you can take them back out of the cooler at this point and let them fully develop.  Roses drink a great deal of water, so it's important to check the water level on all your containers, half to three quarters full is best.  While Garden Roses can be used in Oasis, they last much longer in vases filled with water.  If you must use Oasis, we recommend "springtime".  It allows for better water draw than the standard oasis.

View video of Martha Stewart arranging Garden Valley Ranch roses.