Koko Loko™

Koko Loko™

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Koko Loko is an attractive rose with a milky caffe latte colored bud that matures into a soft lavender bloom.  Koko Loko™ has a mild fragrance with deep green foilage. Medium stems.

Class: Floribunda.  Flower Color: Cafe Latte to Lavender. Fragrance: Mild.

Bud Form: Long, pointed & full. Flower Form: Classic, fully double. Flower Size: Medium-large, up to 4½" diameter. Petal Count: 30 to 35. Stem Length: Medium

Plant Habit: Medium height, rounded Growth Habit: Full & bushy Foliage Color: Deep green

Disease Resistance: Above average

Hybridizer: Christian Bédard—2012. Parentage: Blueberry Hill x Pot O’Gold. Introduced by Weeks.

Available for pick-up late Jan/early Feb