Mother's Day Sound Bath

Join Blue Muse & Celestial Voice Sound Healing Immersed in the beautiful rose gardens of Garden valley ranch. We are excited to share this Mother's Day magic with you! Let the fragrance of Roses fill and sooth your senses as the sound expands your awareness. You are welcome to bring a picnic & enjoy the gardens.

About this experience

In celebration of Mothers’ Day,  Treat mum to an afternoon of inner peace and relaxation. Join Blue Muse & the The Celestial voice for a Sound Bath among the roses at Garden Valley Ranch!  Enjoy the healing vibrations of Crystal Bowls, Angelic vocals, 7 Paiste Gongs, chimes and more - all while surrounded by the beauty of roses! Renew your connection to self and spirit as you allow yourself to be carried on the waves of sound.

Sound journeys create the space for self-healing and transformation using the power of vibration to re-harmonize the entire body to its most beneficial state.

When we hear the frequencies, our cells become attuned to that vibration and this creates a harmonic state for healing within the body. The different frequencies emanated during the sound bath will help to quiet the mind, decrease stress and anxiety, improve sleep, release physical and emotional pain, restore the body, mind and spirit to a greater state of balance, creating a deeper sense of peace and well-being.

Arrival: 10:15-10:45am

Sound Bath: 11am - 12pm

12pm-3pm: Bring a picnic and stay to enjoy the gardens after your Sound Bath experience. 

Location: Garden Valley Ranch, 498 Pepper Road Petaluma, CA

What to bring: 

  • Yoga mat and/or blanket

  • Sun hat (optional)

  • Picnic and blanket (optional)

  • Anything else you need to feel comfortable (optional)