Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

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This ‘everyday’ version of Sterling Silver is much easier-to-care-for, much easier-to-grow and has much longer-lasting flowers. Yet it still possesses the wonderful perfume and the mysterious pastel color that places its far-removed ancestor in rose history. The trophy-hunters will go for the classic show form and the nice long stems. Deep green large leaves clothe the tall vigorous plant. Flower size & color are best with some cooler temperatures.


Hybrid Tea

Flower Color:

Silvery lavender


Strong citrus and rose

Bud Form:

Large, elegant & pointed

Flower Form:

Very classic Hybrid Tea

Flower Size:

Very large, 5" diameter

Petal Count:

25 to 30

Stem Length:

Long, excellent for cutting

Plant Habit:


Growth Habit:

Upright, bushy

Foliage Color:

Deep green

Disease Resistance:

Very Good


Tom Carruth—1997


Blue Nile x Silverado

Introduced By:

Weeks Roses