We Salute You

We Salute You

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Watch the long lovely pointed buds slowly open to tones of glowing orange…but suddenly take a startling two-toned turn. As the large flowers spiral open the outer petals wash to warm pink, giving two distinct colors in each lovely bloom—orangey on the inside & pinky on the outside. The big open blossoms are carried on long stems clothed with very deep green highly-glossed leaves. Warm weather brings out the best flower colors.


Hybrid Tea

Flower Color:

Warm orange buds shade to coral pink open blooms


Moderate spicy

Bud Form:

Long, pointed & ovoid

Flower Form:

Classical Hybrid Tea, double & spiraled

Flower Size:

Large, up to 5" diameter

Petal Count:


Stem Length:


Plant Habit:

Medium to medium-tall height

Growth Habit:

Upright, bushy

Foliage Color:

Deep glossy green

Disease Resistance:

Very good


Tom Carruth—2006


Voodoo x Sunset Celebration

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Weeks Roses