Potted Roses Planting Instructions

For good results we recommend the following:

  1. DIG A HOLE slightly larger than needed to accommodate the roots and mix in any organic amendments to the soil. We recommend adding 1 cup of bone mea and 1 cup of blood meal mixed in well with the soy. Never add fertilizers, chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides in the ground with the roses.  This will potentially burn the roses.
  2. SPREAD THE ROOTS into the hole, mounding the soil at the bottom of the hole for support. We recommend planting the bud union or graft (the point where the canes or branches start from the base) one to two inches below the soil surface. This often encourages the rose to go onto its own roots and many times can aid in preventing “suckers” or rootstock growth.
  3. COVER THE ROOTS, fill the hole with soil and water well.
  4. ADD a layer of mulch up to 2 to 5 inches of bark chips, fallen leaves (not green), etc.
  5. Once the rose starts to leaf out, you should begin to fertilize for the season. We have found the best results by using only organic fertilizers such as bone and blood meal, fish emulsion with sea kelp, etc.  Non-organic fertilizers are strong, can burn and compromise the life of the micro-organisms in the soil as well as fighting off disease and pests.


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