Sound Healing and Yin Yoga - 6pm on June 12, July 17, Aug 21, Sep 11


Rose Garden Yin Yoga & Sound Healing


Join Blue Muse & Heather Zeeb for a Sound Bath & Yin Yoga Class among the roses at Garden Valley Ranch!

Enjoy the healing vibrations of Crystal Bowls, Paiste Gongs, chimes and more - all while surrounded by the beauty of roses! Renew your connection to self and spirit as you allow yourself to be carried on the waves of sound.

Yin Yoga is a gentle retreat back into yourself, and when paired with sound healing, the practice becomes even more potent. This slow-moving meditation relaxes the muscles allowing you to reach the deep connective tissues. In addition, the practice of Yin invites the mind and body to come into stillness so that a more profound connection to your inner Being can be discovered and remembered.

The healing sounds will soothe you, raise your consciousness, and carry you deeper into your practice. By combining these two modalities, you will enjoy the opportunity to turn inward and focus on breath and inner stillness while allowing sound waves to wash over you, harmonizing your body, mind, and spirit.