Anna's Promise

Anna's Promise

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Anna's Promise praises the true heart and steadfast love that transcends the trials and tribulations endured by Downton Abbey's character Anna Bates. The unique color combination of golden petals with a pink blush and glowing bronze reverse is a fitting representation of Anna's character. Elegant blossoms surrounded by glossy, green foliage, exude a spicy, fruit fragrance. This graceful plant includes strong blossom stems for bouquets in the parlor. Well clothed with deep glossy green foliage.


General Information

  • ClassGrandiflora
  • Cultivarcv. Wekdoofat
  • PatentPat.#27,865
  • Plant HabitMedium-tall
  • Growth HabitVery upright
  • Plant Height5 to 6 feet
  • Stem LengthMedium
  • Foliage ColorDeep glossy green
  • Disease ResistanceGood
  • Flower ColorBicolor golden tan & pink blush with a copper reverse
  • Bud FormLong, pointed & elegant


  • Flower SizeMedium, up to 4-inch diameter
  • Flower FormDouble, single or in small clusters
  • Petal CountAround 35
  • ParentageVoodoo x About Face
  • HybridizerTom Carruth
  • Intro Year2015
  • Introduced ByWeeks Roses