Christopher Marlowe

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This rose is of a colour not usually associated with English Roses: an intense orange-red, paling a little to salmon-pink on the outer petals as the flowers age. The flowers are cupped in the bud, opening to medium-sized rosettes; the outer petals eventually reflexing a little. They are produced freely and with remarkable continuity. There is a pleasing Tea fragrance, with a hint of lemon. ‘Christopher Marlowe’ forms a very healthy, nicely rounded shrub with medium green, small, shiny leaves. The growth is short but very vigorous, with numerous stems arising from the base and later branching to give a continuous flow of flowers. It is ideal for bringing a bright splash of colour to a border of softer, less vibrant shade. Named after the Elizabethan playwright and poet who is said to have pressed a rose bud in a book as a mark of friendship to a friend with whom he had had an argument. He was a great influence on his contemporary, William Shakespeare.

Introduced 2002 by David Austin.