Queen of Elegance™

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How would you feel about adding a touch of royalty to your garden? Roses are already known as the queen of the flower world but with Queen of Elegance you are getting a multi-petaled, old-fashioned medium pink and large flowers worthy of a monarch! The blooms are certainly sophisticated and elegant but the strong rose perfume is what makes this variety deserving of belonging to the aristocracy. Each long-lasting and non-fading bloom invites you to bury your nose to inhale the perfume of old time roses of your dreams. Her eminence is also an excellent garden variety as the upright vigorous plant is robed with glossy dark green foliage, holding the refined blooms at the right height for your satisfaction. 

Color: Medium pink

Height: Medium Tall / upright

Bloom size: Very double and full 40-90 petals

Re-bloomer: Repeat blooms

Fragrance: Strong rose